Lately I have been noticing some confusion over the difference between a Virtual and a 3D Tour. I wanted to clarify what the difference is for ordering the correct service/product and labeling in the MLS.

A Virtual Tour is essentially a slideshow and it may or may not be set to music, we always set them to music. The also may or may not automatically run through the images, ours have the ability to run automatically.

When you order this popular add-on from Virtual Vista you will receive two links; Branded and Unbranded versions. Here is what the branded version looks like.

This listing we recently did in Elmhurst. For this we did Premium Photography, Drone, 3D tour, Floor Plans and a Virtual Tour.

The difference with the unbranded version will be that it does not contain Agent or Broker Info so you can link these on the MLS, make sure to label as a Virtual Tour.


A 3D Tour is a fully immersive experience that the viewer can move around in any direction to explore the space as they would if actually there. We send you three different versions of the link; Branded, Unbranded, and MLS

The Branded will contain agent and broker info as well as rich media tags, the unbranded will contain the rich media tags but not the agent or broker info, and the MLS version will not have the rich media tags or the agent/broker info. When we do a 3D tour you have the option of ordering a floor plan, if the space is over 3000 sf I will include at no extra charge.

Here is the same property in Elmhurst we did a 3D tour for


I hope this clarifies the difference between a Virtual and a 3D Tour for you and we look forward to serving you.