Having the home/property ready for photography is an important step to complete before the photographer arrives on site. If you want your listing to look it’s best in photos it is important for the agent and homeowner to complete these steps.



  • Remove cars from the driveway

  • Remove bicycles and other toys from the driveway, front porch and backyard

  • Remove garbage bins, hoses and other yard tools from the yard

  • Cut the grass and trim the bushes

  • Remove leaves and/or snow from the driveway, walk ways and front porch

  • Remove holiday and seasonal decoration

Kitchen & Bath

  • Clear off the countertops, remove excessive items. It is ok to have 2 or 3 purposefully placed items, but the key is to show an uncluttered countertop

  • Remove dish towels, dish soap, cleaning supplies and spounges

  • Remove rugs

  • Remove robes and items hangin on the back of the door

  • Remove pet food bowls

  • Remove magnets and hanging items from the refrigerator

  • Hide refuse bins

Living Areas

  • Make the beds

  • Remove excessive family portraits from the wall, you want the buyer to be able to envision themselves living there

  • Remove certificates and diplomas from the wall. You don’t want identifying documents laying visible, it ‘s a security risk.

  • Pick up cloths from the floor

  • Remove pet bedding

  • Declutter tables and dressers

  • Remove boxes and visible under the bed storage, you want it to appear that you have plenty of storage.

If you could use an extra hand and skilled eye when getting your listing ready for photos, we have our assistant available at an hourly rate to assist you.