In today’s super hot real estate market you might be wondering why you need to do anything besides a few cell phone pics to market your listing. When you properly market a listing you are not only trying to sell the one at hand but even more importantly you are marketing to get the next listing. Consider adding Matterport 3D tours to your listings for many reasons. Since 2016 Virtual Vista has been a leader in 3D tours for real estate.

Besides the safety and health reasons of using a 3D tour in light of Covid-19 which is now winding down there are other reasons to use a fully immersive 3D tour to allow buyers to remotely view the property. Consider the use to allow interested buyers to make repeat visits without inconveniencing the homeowners. A 3D tour is crucial for reaching out-of-town buyers especially these days with many travel restrictions still in place. Then there is vacation rentals which allow the potential renters to feel more confident in booking when they have a better idea of what they are getting. These are just a few of the many reasons. Feel free to call me for a free consultation, number below.

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Top Reasons to Include A Matterport 3D Tour in Your Listing Media

  • More convenient for sellers
  • Allow buyers to make multiple visits easily
  • Pull any measurements out of the Tour (when a Pro 2 Camera is used, like we use)
  • Be the agent that does more than most agents (this will not go unnoticed by your prospects)

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