Matterport has recently released an update which allows you to make a 3D tour with only your iphone or ipad an do not have to use the expensive Pro cameras. We put it to the test in this kitchen. With the new ipad/iphone version the user holds ip the device and lines up a little ball in a box and it snaps a picture, you keep moving around in circle and do about 12 pics per panoramic image. You keep moving around the house like that it is very labor intensive. With the Pro 2 camera you hit the button on the ipad and hide around a corner. Take a look at the 2 different versions and you be the judge. If you find that the finished product with the Ipad is good enough, well good news because you can do them. If you prefer the quality of the Pro 2 camera give us a call to schedule your scan. Virtual Vista has done 1000’s of 3d tours since 2015.