Matterport 3D Tours are a great way to show off your listing to potential buyers near and far.

Case Study: Matterport 3D Tour and a One Million Dollar Sale In 2 Days

One of the first ones that we did was for Agent Joshua Inglis, the address is 1032 S. Spring Ave. La Grange, IL, it was listed at 1M and sold in 2 days for $950K! Yes you read that correctly 2 Days!

How did he sell it so fast you ask?

I’ll tell you. A lot of the quick sale had to do with the Matterport 3D Tour. The first day is was listed Josh had a buyer come through. That night the buyer went home to New Jersey. The buyer had viewed about 10 homes that day. When back at home that evening they were reviewing the homes they saw that day, they had a stack of listing sheets and pictures online, but one of them they were able to continue touring, from home, that one was 1032 S. Spring. Well, the rest is history. The next morning Josh had a very good offer and it was accepted. This was his highest sale from a listing he has had to date.

1M,2 Days,SOLD!

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Here is the post Josh put up about this 2 years ago

Here is the page that we made for him 2 years ago

On a side note, when I just googled his name and the address my page from Virtual Vista was third from the top, just under Realtor and Redfin