Google Street View for Small Business

//Google Street View for Small Business

Google Street View for Small Business

Im sure your familiar with Google Maps, you most likely use them when getting directions to a store you’ve never been to. Google Street View  offer alot more than just directions, enter Google Street View. They have been around for many years and are getting more popular every year. The Street View tours allows you potential customer to walk around and experience your space, just like they’re their before they ever enter. By viewing the street view beforehand they are more likely to make the trip to your store because you are building familiarity and people are more likely to do things they are familiar with.

According to a Forbes article 82% of consumers will do online research before going into a physical store. This research may entail many things, such as, social networks to see what friend are saying. The there are review sites like Yelp and Google to se what other customers experience has been like. Then there are maps to see what it is near and what else is around it, and Google Street View. Street View allows the consumer to walk around the store from the comfort of their living room. By taking the virtual tour they can get a feel of the atmosphere as well as as a detailed view of everything in the store.

When we are employed to make a Street View tour we a Matterport 3D scanner to capture the reality. Matterport combines speed with quality. The Highest quality you can do is with a DSLR camera, except this is very expensive because of the time requirement. Then for quickest would be a little 3D camera like a theta, but it will not be very detailed. The best option is the Matterport system. Matterport is widely used in marketing high-end homes. Recently Google has opened up its API, allowing Matterport service providers to upload the tour directly to Google Street View.

Here is one we did for a local Classic Car Showroom, D&M Corvette in Downers Grove,IL

Take the Matterport Hosted Tour Below


And then the same tour uploaded to Street View

Google Street View of Corvette Dealer

Take the Street View Tour Google Street View of D&M Corvette

Contact us to Virtual Vista LLC, we are a Google Local guide Level 5 and Matterport Service Partner. 

We would love to get your small business retail store, restaurant, hotel, entertainment facility, banquet hall or whatever live and active on Google Street View for the world to experience.

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