Rooms come alive with HDR photography.

It’s not just top of the line equipment. It takes experience, lighting techniques, and a trained eye to catch the moment and captivate the audience.

We create a dimension that converts. The typical internet shopper is moving too fast to catch the essence of a property when using standard photography. HDR gives them more and has them stopping to look!

Virtual Vista is a leader in real estate and architectural photography, owner Frank comes from a background in Marketing and real estate, licensed in IL as a Realtor he has the perfect eye to capture every angle. His passion for photography continues to grow each day as he captures the essence of each home. Frank believes that in every listing the photographs need to tell a story about the space. He has an extra advantage and experience that can be seen through his work. To make the eye catching images Virtual Vista in know for they use high dynamic range photography and additional light sources like off camera flash units. In addition to our professional equipment and decades of knowledge, every image is sent to our award winning retoucher before being sent to you.


  • HDR Photography
  • Residential
  • 0-2,999 Sq Ft / 20-30 HDR Images
  • 2,999 – 4,999 Sq Ft / 30-40 HDR Images
  • 4,999 and up Sq Ft / 50+ HDR Images
  • Commercial
  • 0-2,999 Sq Ft / 20-30 HDR Images
  • Specialty Photography
  • Additional Information
  • *Photo delivery will be within 24-48 hours after images are taken.
  • *Property must be staged and ready to be photographed.
  • *Scheduling may vary due to weather conditions.
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