Get the attention of thousands of new eyeballs with a Matterport 3D tour, The highest quality tour 3D available!


The Holidays are almost upon us and as we all know with it comes the slow season. Now is a great time to do some extra marketing on any listings that have been sitting way too long. Matterport 3D tours are a great way to get thousands of new eyeballs on your listing.

Since I am slow, I decided to run my best deal on Matterport of the year! I pay for my Matterport account whether I’m using it to capacity or not.  I hate to not be using it when I’m paying either way so from now until 2020 (crazy to type that!), I am offering tours at 30% off of my normal pricing which is 10 cents per sf, so until 2020 I am offering Matterport 3D tours at just 7 cents per sf!

I am also going to give away a Matterport 3D tour for FREE (up to 3000 sf). Anything over 3000 sf, you will be billed the discounted rate (0.07/sf) as well as anything over 10 miles from my Oak Brook office will be billed a travel fee of $2.50 per mile over 10 mile from Oak Brook.

To win the Free Matterport 3D Tour you have to play the game. Here’s how the game works: Go through the tour in this post and tell me how many times you find me, Frank the photographer, in the scan. Then send an email with your answer, all correct answers received by December 2, 2019 will be entered into a drawing. 1 entry per person. I’ll pick at least 1 winner in a drawing that will be done live on Facebook at a TBD time. ( I’ll send an email at least 24 hours before the FB Live.)

Hint – when going through the tour you will notice small circles on the floor, each one of those circles is a scan point and a possible scan I’m in.

Good Luck!