A busy real estate agent can use AI tools like Chat GPT and Midjourny to create videos in the following way:

  1. Chat GPT: Chat GPT is a language model that can generate text based on a given prompt. Real estate agents can use Chat GPT to generate scripts for their video content. They can input the key points they want to convey in their video, and Chat GPT can generate a script based on those points.
  2. Midjourny: Midjourny is an image creation platform that uses AI to automatically create images from text. Real estate agents can use Midjourny to turn the scripts generated by Chat GPT into actual images. They can input the script into Midjourny, and then they  can combine the images and text to create a video.

By using these two tools together, busy real estate agents can quickly and easily create high-quality video content without spending a lot of time on the video creation process. They can focus on their core business of selling real estate while letting AI tools handle the video creation process.

(this copy also created by AI)